Hola hi hello!


Hola hi hello! I'm Ariana, the creative mind behind 3twentysix.com. I was born in Argentina and raised in the states; Houston, TX to be exact. I'm a dog mom of three kiddos, two boys and a wild little girl. Whataburger, my kiddos, memes, paper goods, traveling, eating and my mami rule my world. I live for happy moments and fun adventures with my homies!

About 3twentysix:

The name "3twentysix" holds a special place in my heart – it's not just a combination of digits. It's a nod to the roots of my creative journey. Back in the days when blogging was just finding its voice, "3twentysix" was my sanctuary – a personal blog that chronicled snippets of everyday life.

Why these numbers? Well, they're not just any digits; they're the melody of my existence. March 26, the day I took my first breath, became the beating heart of "3twentysix." It's a reminder that creativity flows from the core of who we are, and for me, that journey started on my birthday.

A few orbits around the sun ago, I launched 3twentysix.com as a haven of stickers and smiles. Life, with its twists and turns, led me to close its doors for a while. However, in the quiet spaces between those chapters, a dream persisted—a dream of spreading joy and laughter through little bursts of creativity.

At the close of 2023, I decided it was time to unlock the doors once again. 3twentysix.com emerged from its slumber, dusting off the remnants of the past dramas, to bring you a collection of goodies designed to elicit constant smiles and contagious laughter.

What started as a sticker shop has evolved into a celebration of good vibes and joy. Each creation is a testament to the belief that laughter is a universal language, and I'm here to contribute to the symphony of happiness.

From quirky stickers to heartfelt designs, each piece is crafted with the intent to brighten your day. It's more than just products; it's a collection of moments designed to spark joy, shared laughter, and a sense of connection.

By choosing 3twentysix, you're not just getting goodies; you're inviting a burst of positivity into your life. It's a reminder that amidst life's complexities, there's always room for laughter and shared moments of delight.

Come along on this joyful journey! Explore the goodies on 3twentysix.com and be part of a community that finds joy in the simple pleasures of life.

A heartfelt gracias for being part of this renewed adventure. As we move forward, let's continue to share smiles, laughter, and the infectious joy that makes life extraordinary.

With laughter and creativity,

Ariana 💙